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About International Keywords

International Keywords are an extension to the existing Internet naming protocols. The International Keyword Protocol is designed to allow for the input and processing of plain language addresses.

IP numbers and Domain Names

The Internet in it's first incarnation used IP numbers as it's primary form of address, these numbers identified any machine connected to the network using a series of unique numbers. The second evolution of this came in the form of Domain Names. These were developed to support the use of e-mail and other messaging protocols.

The International Keyword Protocol is the final implementation and refinement of this concept, allowing for human readable plain language addresses to be used. Whereas IP numbers are used to identify unique machines, and domain names are used for emails, International Keywords have been developed primarily for Internet Navigation.

The Main Advantages

The main advantage of the Internet Keyword protocol come from the fact that since the addresses are in plain English (or any other language) they are easy to remember and even easier to use.

The Protocol is also extensible, supporting hundreds of other human languages, even those not based on Latin Characters, such as Kanjii (Japanese) and Chinese.

In a 2005 survey by eKnowledge, International Keywords were found to be the fourth most used navigation protocol on the internet, after standards such as domain names and IP addresses.

International Keywords were also voted the best new online technology in 2004 by popular online blog Web Today and can be found in use by a number of leading retail websites, such as Click Move, in order to drive specific traffic to key sections of the site.





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