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IKeyword extends Registration Periods

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, 28th February, 2003 -International Keyword extends registry periods in response to requests from companies unable to make earlier deadline.

The International Keyword Registry today announced that it would be extending it's Trademark and Select registration periods.

The registration periods allow persons or companies to submit requests before the public opening of the registry in order to protect trademarks and other name properties.

The registry submitted a proposal for extension to it's governing organizations in response to a number of requests from companies who were unable to make the filing deadline of 28th Feb 2003.
The new date set for close of the registration periods is July 6th 2003.

More information on the registration periods is available at http://www.ikeyword.com/about/registration.html

About International Keywords

International Keywords are a revolutionary global navigation system that compliment existing domain names. They are currently used by a number of large organizations including Dell and Oracle. For more information on International Keywords or to register them visit http://www.ikeyword.com


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