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International Keyword: Next Generation Addresses Outlined

Chicago, IL, Jan 16 2002 – The first technical drafts of the new International
Keyword system were revealed today.

The iKeyword system was first proposed at the October meeting of the ICHO in
Vienna, since then a number of companies have been putting forward technical
proposals and specifications for the new Internet address standard.

Speaking in Chicago today, Kristof Dascher presented the committees findings to the
ICHO, which voted unanimously to accept the joint proposals. In a prepared statement
he said “The International Keyword represents a new and exciting progression for
internet addresses, removing the politics and technical problems that have plagued the
existing DNS system”

The new system will include a number of highly advanced functions such as remote
querying, deep resolution and instant cascade systems and is designed specifically for
use by non-technical persons.

It also features a number of in built security systems and multiple redundancies to
prevent disruption by malicious users. Such features have become paramount after the
events of September 11.

The new protocol is scheduled to commence testing and deployment later this year,
with release in early 2003.


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