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Navicode expansion continues

LONDON, UK, Nov 12 2002 – The International Keyword Corporation has
announced that it will no longer be restricting access to it’s Search Command
Interface (SCI) for search engines. From Monday, 2 nd December, engines will be able
to directly interface with the Registry.

Furthermore, a new division has been created to aid third party developers in
integrating International Keyword functionality into their application and services.
Speaking on behalf of the ICHO, one of the many organizations involved in regulation
of the registry, Joseph Marran said "The changes represent a fundamental step
forward for the protocol, moving from proprietary technology to a new more open

Access to the search interfaces will allow search engines to remotely query and return
results based on registered International Keywords, a feature which has until recently
only been available to a number of select engines.

The International Keyword Protocol allows users to access the Internet using plain
English rather than complex address protocols. Working across the world, and in a
diverse number of diverse, from desktop computers to mobiles phones, the
International Keyword is the next generation of Internet addresses.


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